Who We Are

The Western Lane Health Network


The Western Lane Health Network is a volunteer coalition of private, public and nonprofit organizations committed to making western Lane County a healthier, happier place to live.

Our Focus

A Fresh Approach to Community Health

We believe all people deserve to be physically well and emotionally supported; that everyone deserves loving relationships, a sense of purpose and access to physical and behavioral care from qualified providers.

But we are not naïve; we work on the front lines in education, social services, healthcare and business and know that for many, these resources are currently out of reach. We also know that none of our organizations can solve such complex problems alone.

That’s why we’ve joined together. Bringing our diverse points of view, expertise and resources to the table, we seek to implement creative, realistic initiatives to help our community overcome economic, geographic and cultural barriers to excellent preventive and behavioral health care.

Our Commitment

How Our Network Works

We are a community collaborative – a volunteer coalition of member organizations. We meet regularly to collectively identify community needs, brainstorm solutions and contribute to network initiatives according to our expertise and resources.

Each initiative has a common, structured agenda for solving a specific problem, a signed memorandum of agreement outlining the expectations for each participating organization and a lead agency responsible for administering grant funding, contracting for services and tracking and reporting outcomes.

By aligning our resources, sharing leadership and focusing on what each of us does best, we undertake important, complex projects that will have a lasting impact on the community – multiplying the impact any of us could have alone.

Our Members

Partners in West Lane County’s Health

Western Lane Behavioral Health Network