Better care, closer to home.

That’s the vision local leaders in healthcare, education, social services and business had when we came together in the grassroots coalition now known as the Western Lane Behavioral Health network.

By mobilizing the expertise, tenacity and assets we already possess as a community, we seek to create collaborative, adaptable, sustainable programs to help individuals and families on the central Oregon coast access the preventive and emotional healthcare they need to thrive.

Western Lane Behavioral health network

More About Us

Our Vision:

A Healthier West Lane County.

We are committed to creating innovative, community-based initiatives to help people in western Lane County overcome economic, geographic and cultural barriers to behavioral and preventive care.

To us, this means creating healthcare options that meet the four criteria below:

Local Accessibility

Local, convenient locations to ensure that everyone can physically access the care they need without hardship.

A Mix of Services

A mix of services to fill holes in local care that negatively impact personal and community wellness.

More Providers

Creative approaches to connecting patients to high-quality care and the specialists who can help.


Developing responsible business models for long-term stability and ongoing access to care

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Healthy kids.

Family-friendly care.


Of West Lane kids live under the federal poverty level (FPL).




As many suicides in West Lane County compared to the state average.

Our top priority.

In our professional roles serving the community, we see first-hand how many kids and families struggle without physical and emotional healthcare: behavioral problems, family stress, school drop-out and worse.

That’s why making preventive and behavioral care, assessment and early intervention for children more accessible topped our list of priorities when we formed our network in 2014.

Our solution?

Transforming unused space in Mapleton Middle and Siuslaw Elementary Schools into safe, accessible and comfortable clinical services and resource centers.

Opening fall 2019, the centers will offer behavioral assessments, counseling early intervention, wraparound services and telehealth care under the same roof local kids share each weekday. And, the centers are being designed with the flexibility to expand to include primary care, family therapy, health education and more as the school year progresses.

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