Helping Children & Families Thrive


When we first came together, we decided we wanted to focus our efforts on making lasting improvements to our community’s biggest issues. When we studied what our priorities should be, it came as no surprise that better access to high-quality healthcare for children rose to the top.


Looking for information on how to access services? Visit the resource center site here!

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The need

All Children Deserve to Be Well

Everyone can agree that all children deserve to be healthy and happy, but the rising cost of healthcare, a shortage of local providers and our geographic distance from major cities too often mean that families in our rural community face extra challenges to getting their children the care they need.

Those barriers can be devastating. Without rapid assessment and early intervention, kids’ behavioral issues can escalate, family stress increases, poor academic performance or attendance can lead to drop out and behavioral crisis can occur.

By the numbers

Who We Serve

Abuse, neglect and poverty contribute to traumatic stress that negatively affects physical, emotional and behavioral health.


West Lane County is a federally-designated Health Professional Shortage Area by the Health Resources & Services Administration.

  • Percent of West Lane children who report feeling sad/hopeless every day for 2+ weeks. 33% 33%
  • Percent of West Lane kids living below the federal poverty line. 36% 36%
  • Estimated percent of kids in need of mental health care who don’t receive it. 80% 80%
  • Percent of kids with untreated mental health issues who drop out of school before graduation. 50+% 50+%

Visit the community resource center website to learn how we can help your family thrive, and sign up for our email updates to be notified when appointments become available.

Our Solution

School-Based Health Resource Centers

We’ve all heard the saying, “prevention is the best medicine,” and it’s true: early intervention for both physical and emotional health problems results in better outcomes. That’s why it’s so important that children in our community have easy access to high-quality care. And we couldn’t think of an easier-to-access location than the schools they already attend!

Health and wellness resource centers in Siuslaw Elementary and Mapleton Middle schools are safe, convenient places where all school families can turn for support. School, health provider and self-referrals are accepted. The contracted provider accepts private insurance, OHP and direct pay and can help families who are uninsured apply for coverage or assistance programs, or set up a payment plan.

The universal accessibility and convenient, familiar location helps ensure that the resource centers are welcoming places where students and their families feel comfortable coming for medical care, counseling and advice – increasing utilization and early intervention to prevent the worsening of issues that can lead to more serious health problems.

Visit the resource center web page to learn more.


Child and adolescent counseling.
Wraparound services for families.
Parent support and education.

Locations: Mapleton & Florence

PeaceHealth Peace Harbor Medical Center is contracted by the Western Lane Health Network to manage the clinical and administrative operations of the Mapleton Community Resource Center and Siuslaw Student Resource Center.

Future Initiatives

What’s Next?

Building a strong network and ensuring children have access to preventive and behavioral health care have been our priority since 2014. Now, as the school resource centers have opened, we’re revisiting other needs of the community to determine where our next initiative can make the next greatest impact – like support for aging well in place and community crisis response. Stay up to date on our work by signing up for email notifications!

Western Lane Behavioral Health Network